How can one be funny? Is location a subject to it? After slews of inspection and reading humor devices, I've saved that there are many a common way to be mirthful. I've compiled a account of 20 techniques that you can try. Experiment and see which be suitable for your self-image healthy.

How to be funny: 20 Tips and ideas

  • Caricature/impersonation: Exaggerating somebody (sometimes a top name or individual well-known) and their sensual traits, personality, voice, or common expressions. Saturday Night Live's impersonations of George W. Bush is one occasion.
  • Coining New Words: to modify or thresher duplex spoken language to variety a new one (e.g. beer gut = beergut)
  • Generalizations: a sweeping verdict roughly speaking a crowd or social group (e.g. "Men are resembling offensive vultures.")

  • Hyperbole: exaggerating something for phenomenon (e.g. "Johnny has muscles as big as Rosie O'Donnell.")
  • Insult: a boorish, unequivocal flak (e.g. low-brow mom jokes such as, "Your momma is so fat, when she spring for joy, she got stuck!")
  • Ironic words: Saying thing unreasonable (e.g. "Why they make germ-free the needle for fatal injections?", or something that expresses an impression utterly unlike from the genuine description.
  • Joke: a short tale that as usual ends next to a comical revolve.
  • Messup: Humor based on a boob (intentional or involuntary), which makes a person face absurd.
  • Nonsensical: a declaration that doesn't craft undergo. For example, Yogi Berra oftentimes aforementioned intuitive statements such as as "I never same partly the property I said" and "It ain't complete til it's over and done with."
  • Observational: uncovering the witticism in graphic setting or niceties (e.g. "Did you ever make out how butlers always appear to be titled 'Jeeves'?) Jerry Seinfeld was the creative person of this.
  • One-liner: A broad quip, oftentimes beside thing abrupt (e.g. "There are iii kinds of nation in the world: general public who can count, and folks who can't."
  • Parody: a risible variation of thing infamous (e.g. "Amish Paradise" ode instead of "Gangster's Paradise").
  • Personal story: a narrative from your own experiences, perhaps an awkward or seriocomical position that you have worldly wise.
  • Prank: being expects a typical situation but is raped by something surprising or out of the blue. The humour normally comes from the sensitivity.
  • Satire: mere witticism that appears bookish at opening glance, but is in truth either humor or something told in a outlandish style.
  • Slapstick: physical humor, as usual near immediate play and antics (e.g. striking cause near a ball bat).
  • Surprise Ending: a narrative that builds up to an unsurprising ending, but surprises the beholder near an abrupt, silly, and out of the blue climax.
  • Taboo (Crude) Humor: not due for a few settings. This is wittiness based on subjects that can offend whatever nation (e.g. flatulence, natural object parts, etc).
  • Understatement: making something hulking footling for result (e.g. "Bill Gates could likely afford a few items on the dollar carte du jour.")
  • Zinger: a naturally short-range clever remark that pokes fun at human or something. (e.g. "N'Sync? More like, N'sucked.")
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